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XY-4 Core Drilling Rig

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  • XY-4


  • 42-89mm, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ

  • 250m-900m

  • 37KW

  • 1480 r/min-2200 r/min

  • 5757Nm

  • 1600kg

  • 2850x1050x1900mm



XY-4 is a spindle rotary drilling rig suitable for both diamond core drill and wire line core drilling. It is used for civil engineering projects, small diameter piling work, mineral exploration, geothermal utilization, water well drilling etc.


1. Use Vehicle gear box and clutch, with compacted structure. The machine works steady with small noise, also ensuring high power delivering efficiency..

2. The machine has two reverse speeds for easy handling drilling problems.

3. The spindle has long feeding travel, which improves the drilling efficiency and reduces drilling problems occurrences.

4. Designed for simple operation, less handlers for operation, low maintenance, and simple to disassemble and reassemble for easy transportation in different terrains.

5. The rig can travel on frame in a reliable, simple and steady way, the rig has low gravity center, it deliver good performances even for high speed drilling.

6. The drilling rig has hydraulic pin clamp, which can clamp the drive pipe firmly and doesn’t hurt the drive pipe.


ming exploration drilling rig-1

mineral exploration drilling rigs-2mineral exploration drilling rigs-3



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