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WTY-30A Geophysical Drilling Rig

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  • WTY-30A
  • 70mm, 110mm
  • 15m, 35m
  • 7.5KW
  • Speed 136 338 578 r/m
  • 350N·m
  • 290kg (Engine not included)
  • 1510×600×1055mm

Product Description:

WTY-30A is a kind of small portable drilling rig which is suitable for general survey exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration and drilling projects such as blasting holes.

Product Features:

The main features of this machine are as follows:

1. High degree of mechanization with reasonable technical parameters in order to reduce labor intensity.

2. Oil pressure feeding device makes the machine easy to operate with high drilling efficiency.

3. The rotary table can move away from the wellhead with the front frame, and the working position is spacious, which can be applied to various drilling methods.

4. Compact structure, small volume, light weight, strong detachable, easy to move, assembly and maintenance.

5. The gearbox of the machine is equipped with a separate moving mechanism, which can realize fast hole sweeping.

WTY-30A Geophysical Drilling Rig Parameters

Geophysical Drilling Rig-1

Geophysical Drilling Rig-2



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