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GY-150 Engineering Drilling Rig

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GY-150T is a portable engineering drilling rig for Geo-technical survey. It is used for core sample drilling up to 150m in size 3", with large torque up to 1800N.m. Various drilling speed fits for different project conditions...
  • GY-150


  • Depth 180m drill in size 76mm

  • Diesel engine ZS1100, 12.1KW at 2200 r.p.m or electronic Motor, 11KW at 1460 r.p.m

  • 60 200 400 610 1100, etc rpm

  • 1800N*m

  • 500 KGS

  • 2050*1180*1420mm


Product Introduction: 

GY-150T is a portable engineering drilling rig for Geo-technical survey. It is used for core sample drilling up to 150m in size 3", with large torque up to 1800N.m. Various drilling speed fits for different project conditions. This drilling rig works together with multiple drilling tools of different standards, such as NQ, HQ, NMLC, HMLC, T2, T6, T6S etc.

Product Features:

1. Multiple revolving speed with large torque to meet various project requirements.

2. Potable with two wheel trailer, easy to move by towing the trailer.

3. Suitable for both rotary drilling and cable percussion drilling tasks.

4. 360°rotatable spindle.

GY-150T engineering drilling rig Paremeters:

exploration drill rig-1

exploration drill rig-2



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